Why Your Business in Malaysia Needs a Lead Generation Specialist?

Why Your Business in Malaysia Needs a Lead Generation Specialist?

Why Your Business in Malaysia Needs a Lead Generation Specialist?

One thing that’s for sure in any B2B company is the importance of leads in their business. Without leads, closing sales is not possible. And if you can’t close sales, you won’t have new customers. So no matter the type of business model you are using right now, it’s important to focus on growing your business through proper lead generation techniques. And that can be done with the help of a professional lead generation specialist available in the country.

Benefits of Having a Specialist in Generating Qualified Leads

If you’re not good in managing your advertising revenue, it’s high time you hire a reliable specialist that can do effective lead generation strategies. Normally, businesses use the standard sales funnel that includes marketing activities (advertising, social media, content marketing, SEO, etc.), enquiries (email, phone), lead qualification, sales team, and customers. But did you know that there are lots of benefits when generating leads and creating sales through an effective lead generation specialist?

To ensure high quality leads, you will need to take a look at some essential factors like making certain that potential customers pre-sold on your brand and they can afford what you offer them. Remember, low quality leads are just a waste of time and effort. But when you have a skilled and knowledgeable lead generation specialist, you can achieve the following:

Get leads through content

One of the best content marketing advantages nowadays is acquiring leads through blogging. So you might want to hire someone who has excellent writing skills to manage your blog. This powerful way of generating leads can pre-sell potential customers in order to make things easier especially for the sales team.

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Establish brand on social media

It’s no secret that modern-day marketers are now taking advantage of social media when promoting their brands online. In fact, lead generation specialists use these platforms to reach out to their target audience and existing customers. This is a great way to introduce your brand to influencers and potential leads.


More effective advertising

Obviously, this is a classic method of generating leads. But when done right, it can give you higher sales and more customers in the future. Just make sure to do things professionally to avoid tarnished reputation. Your lead generation specialist can advertise on social media channels, print, radio, TV, and other means.

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Successful lead generation services

A specialist is a skilled and dedicated professional who works on leads essentially generated by campaigns and other activities that you perform. The benefits include generating qualified and new leads through outbound telemarketing and pre-qualifying leads for more effective sales funnel.

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And since almost half of your marketing budget is spent on lead generation, you are guaranteed with maximum results when you work with a seasoned lead generation specialist in Malaysia. Not only it will give you more successful business, but it will also help you in promoting your brand to a wider market reach.

So, are you ready to take over 2017 with your lead-generating tactics and approach? Work less with a specialist that knows the ins and outs of the lead generation process.


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How to Make Decision Makers Call Back or Reply to your Email

How to Make Decision Makers Call Back or Reply to your Email

“Business owners are hard to get hold of. How do I have them return my call?”

The chances of getting a prospect on the phone for the first time are very low. Prospects these days are extremely busy leaving their voice mailboxes filled with messages from individuals they don’t know and those who provide no reason for prospect to get back to them. Don’t be like these people.

Before, sales reps needed to discover new techniques on how to get past gatekeepers. In modern telemarketing, almost 75% of the salesperson’s calls were transferred to a voicemail wherein sales reps can leave a message and a number for the decision maker to give him a call.  At times, sales rep would do a request for more information type of call wherein the gatekeeper will provide the email address of the prospect and ask you to send the information for him to respond in case he’s interested.

The key to getting decision makers to return your call is to leave an interesting message that will make them think, “I would like to know more!”

Here are 2 tips on how to leave a message and how to send a follow up email that will surely make decision makers to return your call.

#1: Don’t give prospects a bad voicemail.

Here are the steps on how to leave a better voicemail.

#1: Mention the name of the person

#2: Introduce yourself and the name of the company you are calling with

#3: Say something about your company and mention ideas that might interest them. (Don’t focus too much on your product)

#4: Repeat your name, company and phone number. Speak slowly and clearly.

#5: Include the best time to reach you.

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“Hi Mr. Ahmad. This is Lisa with XYZ Company. We specialize in helping companies improve their business operations. I called because we might be something that can help you run your business smoothly. The best time to reach me is from Monday to Friday, between 8AM to 5PM at my mobile number +60 12 345 678.

Again, this is Lisa with XYZ Company and my mobile is +60 12 345 678. Thanks! Talk to you soon.”

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#2: Send a good follow up email.

Another approach is to send a follow up email. It works well if the prospect is hard to get hold of or was already contacted but are not returning the call.

Here’s an example of a good follow up email to reach out to prospects

#1: Make it more personal. Address the email to the right person.

#2: Wish the prospect well in your email.

#3: Say something about your company and how you can help them

#4: Include your availability and your mobile number

#5: Ask for their available time

#6: Signature includes your complete name, position in the company, the name of the company and the website. (So it’ll look for legit)


Hi Mr. Ahmad,

I hope you’re doing well.

My name is Lisa Tan with XYZ Company. We specialize in helping companies improve their business operations. I spoke with you before on how we can help you run your business operations smoothly. Just checking in to see if you have time to discuss this in further details.

The best time to reach me is from Monday to Friday, between 8AM to 5PM. My mobile number is +60 12 345 678.

Please let me know your most convenient time to discuss about this. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Lisa Tan

Marketing Associate, XYZ Company


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Regardless if the sales rep chooses to leave a voicemail or send a follow up email, you must provide a reason for them to call you back.  The key to having someone get back at you is to provide them with an interesting reason to do so. It doesn’t matter how convincing your message is, if you don’t provide a good reason for them to call or email back, they won’t show you any interest.

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Maximize Every Call: Know the Different Types of Decision Makers

Maximize Every Call: Know the Different Types of Decision Makers

Literally, organizations were operated by people making decisions. Different managers plan, organize and control their team by implementing decisions. How effective these decisions are, somehow determines the success of every manager.

Managers together with the highest ranking person gather in a meeting to discuss, identify and make decisions in order to solve problems within the organization. Decision making and problem solving are an ongoing process in every company. What to decide at the end of the entire decision‐making process is dependent upon the facts gathered and the assessment of all the people involved.

The decision making process is quite simple.

Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

  • Evaluation of the current setup.

This includes information gathering. You find out if there’s an area that needs improvement or if there’s a need to replace in their setup.

  • Evaluation and Outlining of other options.

List down all other options and outline their features and benefits

  • Assessment.  

During this stage, you need to provide the reason/s why there’s a need to replace or improve within the current setup. Possible outcome should also be included.

  • Decide.

Choosing the product or service that best fit the needs of the company.

When dealing with large companies, different people are involved in the decision making process. If the decision maker needs to fix a problem, he will delegate it to one of his managers and his team to look for a solution. Sales reps must learn how to determine which type of prospect he’s speaking to help him get a qualified lead orr at least have an idea whether the buyer is a good fit

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In telemarketing, most sales reps define their own decision maker but it doesn’t necessary mean they are the right person to talk to. Decision makers usually assign different person to handle a project.

Let’s get to know all of the decision makers within an organization, who they are and what their roles are.


Their role is very important. They are the ones who evaluate their current setup and identify the problem. At the same time collects and provides all information about the problem and present it to the Recommender. Suggestions are also included in the information to be presented to his boss.

They are the:

  • Assistant Managers
  • Executives Assistants
  • Network Administrators
  • Evaluation Specialist

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They decide what product or service to recommend to the next highest person within their organization. Don’t underestimate the role of the recommender, as they are extremely valuable in your sales process. Why? They were assigned by the final decision maker to research for a solution to their problems.

They are the:

  • Managers (IT Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager)

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They are the person who tries to convince decision maker that they need the product based on the facts gathered and presented by the Evaluator and the Recommender. They are usually one of the end users and they are aware of the inefficiencies in the business on a regular basis.

They are the:

  • Directors (IT Director, Financial Director, Marketing Director, etc)
  • C level in the department/ The highest ranking person in a department such as; CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer),CFP (Chief Financial Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Financial Controller

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Final decision maker

They are the highest ranking person in the company. They sign the check and can re-allocate the budget for the project. They have the final say if the project will be pushed through without asking permission from anyone.

They are the:

  • President
  • Owners
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

When doing lead generation, always maximize your call and look for the different decision makers within an organization and don’t just focus on looking for 1 job title. The decision maker usually delegates the task to an Evaluator, Recommender or Influencer. So always, be respectful when you call a company. You might be talking to one of the important person who can help you close a sale.


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