Calling a Prospect on a Bad Day. What Should you Do?

Calling a Prospects on a Bad Day. What should you do

“What will you do if you have reached a prospect and you can tell by the tone of their voice that they don’t want to talk to you?”

To make it clear…

You called a prospect to follow up on the email you sent a few days back. When he answered the phone, he sound happy but there’s a sudden change on the tone of his voice when you introduced yourself.

It’s good that you managed to identify the prospect’s mood based on the tone of his voice. Most sales reps failed to recognize this. Instead, they tend to ignore and pretend it didn’t happen. In doing so, you’re leaving a bad impression with your prospect.


Prospect: Thank you for calling XYZ company, this is John. How can I help you? (upbeat tone)

Agent: Hi John. Good morning! This is Anna with ABC company…

Prospect: Oh. Hi. (Disappointed tone)

Agent: As I was saying,  I’m with ABC Company. We are…


Never disregard your prospect. Instead, listen! Not only to what he’s saying but on how the prospect says it. It’s very important.

In this article we will learn how to handle prospects without annoying them.

Every scenario is different. And it is impossible for agents to predict the mood of the prospect before making a call. There were times wherein prospects are having a bad day and they’re not in the mood to speak with anyone, especially when they’re busy beating a deadline. But how can you handle a prospect in this situation and turn the call into a positive experience for you and your prospect?

#1: Don’t take their frustrations personally.

You haven’t even introduced the product or the solution you offer, and they’re objecting already regardless of the reason… they don’t know you and they don’t think you are worth their time. But don’t take this objection personally and become defensive. Instead, put yourself in his shoes. It is your first time to talk to him. They don’t trust you yet.

“Hi John,  this is Anna from ABC company. I know we’ve never spoken before. I’m calling in reference to the email I sent to you last week. I’ve got a hypothesis which I think may be helpful for you and your company. Is now a good time to talk?”

Establish that you are trying to gain his trust by asking for his availability. Earn the right to talk to him first. Learn to know your timing with an advance telemarketing technology called smart calling.

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#2: Be in control of the call.

Tone and confidence plays an important role in a phone call. How you deliver your spiel and the way you deliver it will help them identify if you’re worth their time or not.

Who are you?

What do you want?

What is this reference to?

These are the questions must be answered with confidence.

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#3: Practice active listening.

After stating the purpose of your call and let the prospect hear it, it’s time for you to listen and let him do the talking. Whether they wanted to vent about their problems about their current set up or they just want to talk about what’s going on in their day, you must listen. Upon hearing the prospect’s issues, empathize with him. Prove that you are calling to help them resolve their issues. This is the best time to find out the prospect’s pain points.

#4: You don’t need to sell the product – upfront.

What makes an angry prospect angrier is if they’re being pushed to purchase something he’s not ready to purchase yet. Learn and understand their current set up first and establish if there’s a need rather than pushing the prospect to buy. Be patient and learn to nurture your prospects. By selling them after finding out their pain points simply means you’re giving him a sense of control over the situation. 

#5: Be persistent without being annoying…

In sales, being persistent is also important. You can’t be a good salesperson if you don’t know how to be persistent. However, you can be persistent without annoying your prospect. Here are some tips on how to be persistent without annoying your prospect.

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#6: Decide what medium of communication to use

Choose whether to email first or to make a phone call. The decision as to what medium you choose is up to you. Some salesperson starts with an email while others prefer to get them on the phone. However, shooting an email as your first approach gives the prospect an idea as to what to discuss during a phone call.

Also, give at least 2-3 days for prospects to review the email before calling him. If no response after 48 hours, then it’s time to reach out again by giving him a phone call.

Make at least 3 attempts to figure out if you can be of help.  


Agent: This is Erika with ABC Company. We are (say something about your company). I’m calling in reference to the email correspondence I sent to you last (mention the date when you send the email).

Prospect: I didn’t receive the email and I’m not interested.

Agent: I understand. I’m calling about (mention the product or service that you’re offering). I’d like to find out (ask your first probing question to establish the need and figure out their current setup)

Prospect: We don’t need that right now.

Agent: That’s okay. I understand. How about if I’ll send you information for future reference? In case you might need something in the future, at least you have our files ready? Would that work for you?

Being persistent is good when we’re talking about sales. But too much persistence is bad for you and your prospect. You’ll end up losing an opportunity with your prospect.  Find out how to nurture your leads the Callbox way.


The best days and times to make calls:

Tuesdays to Thursdays are the best days to call prospects in Malaysia.

Between 8AM-9AM is a good time to touch base with prospects. They’re not doing anything yet because they’re still fresh from breakfast and their first cup of coffee.

While 4PM – 6PM makes them feel relaxed as they’re about to wrap things up before going home from work.

The worst days and time to call a prospect:

Mondays are busy days for all Managers, Executives and Presidents. Meetings are usually done on a Monday to prepare and plan for their goals for the week. While on Fridays, lunch break is usually from 12:15pm-2:45pm to allow the Muslims to perform their prayers.

The worst time to call is during lunch time. Generally speaking, lunchtime in Malaysia falls around 12:15PM to 2:45PM. Most of them are out of the office so you’ll end up reaching their voicemail.

Regardless of the reason why they’re having a bad day, we should be ALWAYS be respectful of their time. Respect can gain trust! And when the prospects trust you, they are more likely to listen to you. They might not consider your product or service now but you’ll leave a good impression which will make them consider you in the future.


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